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University of Maryland - Baltimore County — Shriver Peaceworker Fellows Program

Program Type:
Coverdell Fellows
Shriver Peaceworker Fellows Program
Degrees Awarded:
Community Planning (MCP), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), Public Policy (MPP), Social Work (MSW)
Admissions Deadlines:

Deadline extended to February 15, 2014

Admissions Cycle:

Awards announced by April 15th

Program Start:
July 15th
Program Founded:
October, 1997


Fellowships cover tuition, health insurance, and a living stipend of approximately $13,000/yr for two years of graduate study.


The Peaceworker Program is a two-year program integrating graduate study, community service, and ethical reflection that enables Fellows to adapt their experience as Peace Corps Volunteers to solving problems confronting urban America. Established to honor the work of Sargent Shriver, first director of the Peace Corps, our program supports and prepares a next generation of leaders to develop creative initiatives promoting peace and social justice. Program participants develop an intellectual framework that enables them to identify and respond to the ethical and spiritual dimensions of urban problems. They also acquire the leadership skills necessary for effective work in the program and the community.

To become Fellows in the Peaceworker Program, applicants seek admission to full-time graduate study at UMBC or another member of The Shriver Center Higher Education Consortium. Graduate study in the humanities, sciences, and professional schools is available. Fellows are placed in 20hr/wk community service positions correlated as closely as possible with the Peaceworkers' graduate study. Additionally, Peaceworker Fellows hold weekly ethical reflection seminars to integrate their learning, discuss issues and methods of social change, and develop ethical leadership skills.

Fields of study span all UMBC graduate programs including: education, public policy, economic policiy, applied sociology, intercultural communication, emergency health services, engineering, biology, and others. Consortium programs currently include: social work (UMB), urban studies/community planning (UMCP), international education policy (UMCP), nonprofit management (Notre Dame of Maryland), policy studies (JHU).


Candidates must apply to and be accepted for admission by both the Shriver Peaceworker Program and the graduate program of their choice. Each year 6-10 Fellows are selected (4-7 UMBC and 1-3 Consortium)

For inquiries about Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, call 855.855.1961 x1440.

Program Contacts

If you have questions, please contact:
Joby Taylor

Shriver Peaceworker Program
The Shriver Center at UMBC 1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, Maryland 21250
(410) 455-6398
(410) 455-1074

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