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California State University - Long Beach — Department of Geography

Program Type:
Coverdell Fellows
Department of Geography
Degrees Awarded:
Master of Arts (MA)
Admissions Cycle:

October 1 - April 15

Program Founded:
December, 2011


Coverdell Fellows at California State University, Long Beach are eligible for the following:

  • out-of-state tuition waiver for students not currently living in the state of California
  • a student assistantship for the first full year (up to $5,913) with the possibility of a second year.
  • a waiver of 3-6 units of degree requirements based on the Volunteer's past experience and academic degree.


The Master of Arts program in Geography at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), is structured as a liberal arts and sciences degree program, culminating in the production of a thesis representing the context, process, and results of a conceptually or methodologically original, independent investigation.

Education in Geography at the graduate level at CSULB provides an opportunity to broaden one’s intellectual life and to acquire or upgrade knowledge and skills for many careers. The degree is particularly suitable for those graduates with one of the following professional goals:

  • advanced graduate work at the doctoral level
  • community college and K-12 teaching
  • public sector work (e.g., urban planning, environmental management)
  • private sector work (e.g., market area analysis, environmental consulting)
  • non-governmental work (e.g., international agencies, local community organizing)

Fellows may pursue a specialization in geospatial technologies and methods, human geography, environmental and physical geography or global studies.

Coverdell Fellows at CSULB will also participate in internships benefitting underserved American communities.  Fellows will spend approximately six hours per week in their internship during their first semester of study and will develop their internship experience into a 3-6 unit Project or Thesis to be completed during the third or fourth semester of study. These internships will take place  in organizations with missions ranging from environmental remediation and justice to GIS mapping to urban sustainability.





To apply, please send the following to the graduate advisor:

1. A statement of purpose, which addresses your intention to serve as a Paul D. Coverdell Fellow, your interests in geography, your professional or personal goals in seeking a graduate degree, how your interests relate to our four core strengths, and any special skills you may now have that you can build on in graduate studies (approx. 2 pages)

2. A paper, report, or mapping project that you feel best showcases your interests, abilities, and potential

3. A signed copy of the confidentiality election form

4. Three confidential letters of reference (see referee guidelines on the CSULB Department of Geography website)

5. A copy of your Description of Service (DOS) from the Peace Corps

Additionally, you must apply directly to the University itself, which can be done online at http://www.csumentor.edu. You will need to have the following sent to CSULB during that process:

1. A set of official transcripts covering your bachelor's degree and any postbaccalaureate work

2. GRE scores.

Letters of reference, statements of purpose, and writing samples may be sent to the Graduate Advisor by e‐mail, fax or post. Referees should use their official institutional email accounts. The confidentiality election form should be signed and sent by regular mail or scanned. All materials should arrive by April 15 for Fall admissions.

Dr. Deborah Thien, Graduate Advisor

Department of Geography

California State University

Long Beach, CA 90840‐1101

1 (562) 985‐7072 or ‐8432

1 (562) 985‐8993 (fax)


For inquiries about Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, call 855.855.1961 x1440.

Program Contacts

If you have questions, please contact:
Dr. Deborah Thien
Graduate Advisor

Department of Geography
California State University
Long Beach, California 90840‐1101
(562) 985‐7072 or (562) 985‐8432
(562) 985‐8993

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