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University of Maryland - Baltimore — School of Social Work

Program Type:
Master's International
School of Social Work
Degrees Awarded:
Social Work, spec. in Families and Children (MSW)
Admissions Deadlines:

March 1

Admissions Cycle:

Rolling up to March 1 deadline

Program Start:
Fall of each year
Program Founded:
September, 2010


There are two elements that make the MI student program particularly strong. First, they will be part of Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS), an outreach service that offers community organization experience relevant to Peace Corps service. Second, they will be part of the Families and Children specialization, focused on the youth development training necessary for their Peace Corps assignment area.

In addition, three independent study credits for each of the two years of service (6 credits total) may be awarded fall semester of the second year of academic studies. Credits earned incur no additional costs to Master's International students. Some financial aid and limited scholarships are available on a competitive basis.


University of Maryland-Baltimore School of Social Work offers a Masters in Social Work, a degree that can lead to licensure in social work. The degree requires one year (two semesters) of course work, within a Family and Children specialization, prior to Peace Corps service.

The 60-credit master's degree is divided between 24 foundation credits and 36 advanced credits, the latter offering students a rich curriculum of advanced courses. In the advanced year (second academic year), students choose between the clinical concentration and the management and community organization (MACO) concentration. In addition, students choose a specialization or field of practice that will focus study and work in a particular area of study within the concentration. For MI students, this will be Families and Children, Foundation Curriculum (24 Credits). This specialization focuses on families and children from pre-natal through late adolescence and thus is excellent preparation for youth development Peace Corps assignments.

After the two years of service, students then return to campus to complete their second year of academic studies following Peace Corps service, including field placements that augment their Peace Corps Volunteer experiences. The total program is four years, including the 27 months of Peace Corps service.


  • Baccalaureate
  • Minimum of 24 credit hours in liberal arts
  • Minimum 3.0 grade point average from the last 60 credits earned leading to the baccalaureate
  • Prerequisite coursework in human growth and development
  • Prerequisite introductory statistics.

For inquiries about Master's International, call 855.855.1961 x1812.

Program Contacts

If you have questions, please contact:
Dr. Jody Olsen
MI Coordinator

School of Social Work
525 West Redwood Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
(410) 706-5696
(410) 706-6046

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