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University of South Carolina - Columbia — The School of the Environment

Program Type:
Master's International
The School of the Environment
Degrees Awarded:
Earth & Environmental Resource Management (MEERM)
Admissions Deadlines:
  • To be considered for admission with financial aid for the fall semester, all application materials must be received by the preceding February 15th.
  • To be considered for admission without financial aid for the fall semester, all application materials must be received by the preceding April 1st.
  • To be considered for admission with or without financial aid for the spring semester, all application materials must be received by the preceding November 1st.
Admissions Cycle:


Program Start:
Fall or Spring Semester, beginning Spring 2011
Program Founded:
July, 2010


On successful completion of degree-relevant Peace Corps Master's International service, up to 6 units of coursework credit requirements may be waived (and therefore not subject to tuition). Some financial aid in the form of research and teaching positions may be available on a competitive basis.


The Master of Earth and Environmental Resources Management (MEERM) degree offered by the University of South Carolina's Environment and Sustainability Program (ESP) is designed to provide individual curricula suited for students interested in management positions in earth resources (minerals, water, sustainable development within ecosystems) or environmental resources (safe and effective use or remediation of man-made materials into different ecosystems).

The program allows students with an interest in earth and environmental resources to tailor a graduate degree program to their own particular interests and goals. Individual programs of study are developed with an interdisciplinary committee chaired by an appropriate advisor in the department that most closely matches the student's interest and background. To ensure a truly interdisciplinary education, at least one third of the student's course work must be in earth and environmental resources and one third in management, finance and economics, with no more than 50 percent in either field. In addition, students are required to complete at least 6 hours of integrative seminars that explore the interconnections among science, policy, ethics, and law. In total, a minimum of three semesters (36 units) of coursework are required. Up to 6 units of that requirement may be waived in recognition of Master's International service.

In lieu of thesis, the non-thesis internship option culminates in a capstone project plan of work, a completed capstone project, and a capstone project presentation. Typically, Peace Corps Master's International students would choose this internship option, and, after completing 30 units of coursework, would devise and execute a project in the course of their Peace Corps service. A thesis option is also available.



  • Students wishing to apply to the ESP MEERM program must apply to the Graduate School. The application is available at www.gradschool.sc.edu/futurestudents/OnlineApplication.html.
  • Students are accepted into the MEERM program based on undergraduate record, verbal and quantitative GRE (LSAT or GMAT scores are also accepted), letters of recommendation, and compatibility with faculty interests. Students will be required to demonstrate sufficient competency (gained by academic study or experience) to enroll in graduate courses in earth and environmental resources.


For inquiries about Master's International, call 855.855.1961 x1812.

Program Contacts

If you have questions, please contact:
Prof. Joe Quattro
MEERM Graduate Director

The Environment and Sustainability Program
712 Main Street
EWS 603
Columbia, South Carolina 29208
(803) 777-3921
(803) 777-3922

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