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Lincoln University - MO — College of Agricultural and Natural Sciences

Program Type:
Master's International
College of Agricultural and Natural Sciences
Degrees Awarded:
Environmental Science (MS)
Admissions Deadlines:

Thirty days prior to the beginning of each semester.

Admissions Cycle:

Rolling admissions

Program Start:
Students are admitted every Fall (August), Spring (January), and Summer (June) term.
Program Founded:
July, 2010


Students may earn up to nine graduate credit hours for Peace Corps service that will fulfill nine hours of environmental science elective credit for the MS degree. Tuition waivers for the nine graduate hours earned while serving in the Peace Corps are available on a first come basis.

Graduate assistantships are also available through the Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Environmental Sciences for those students pursuing the thesis option.


This course will consist of a minimum of 30 credit hours for the thesis option and 33 credit hours for the non-thesis option. The thesis option program consists of 10 credit hours for core courses, 14 credit hours of environmental/support courses, and 6 credit hours of thesis research. The non-thesis option program consists of 10 credit hours for core courses, 17 credit hours of environmental/support courses, and 3 credit hours of current topics in environmental science.

The hours earned while serving in the Peace Corps will be used to fulfill a portion of the 14-17 hours of environmental science (non-core) course requirements.

Students will typically complete at least 18 credit hours prior to Peace Corps service. While serving in the Peace Corps, students will be assigned a graduate environmental science professor who will coordinate the learning experiences and course requirements for the nine hours of environmental science credit earned during service. Upon returning from Peace Corps service, the student will complete the remaining 3-6 hours required for the degree.


To be considered for admission to the MS program, students must submit the following:

  • completed graduate application
  • official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate programs attended
  • $30 application fee
  • three letters of recommendation
  • personal goal statement
  • GRE score


All application materials should be sent to the Graduate Office at Lincoln University. Applications forms can be printed from the LU Graduate Studies website at http://www.lincolnu.edu/web/graduate-studies/graduate-studies or submitted using the online application forms. Students considering the Peace Corps service option should begin the Peace Corps Master?s International application after being accepted into the MS program. They should indicate on their Lincoln University Personal Goal Statement that they are interested in the Master's International program.

For inquiries about Master's International, call 855.855.1961 x1812.

Program Contacts

If you have questions, please contact:
Dr. Linda Bickel

Office of Graduate Studies
116A Stamper Hall 824 Chestnut Street
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 681-5247
(573) 681-5106

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