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What Are the Benefits?

Peace Corps is a life-defining leadership experience you will draw upon throughout your life. The most significant accomplishment will be the contribution you make to improve the lives of others. There are also tangible benefits, including the following Peace Corps provisions:

  • Public student loans may be eligible for deferment
  • Perkins loans may be eligible for partial cancellation
  • A "readjustment" allowance of $7,425 (pre-tax) upon completion of service
  • Language, cross-cultural, and technical training
  • Travel to and from country of service
  • A monthly living and housing allowance
  • Full medical and dental coverage
  • 48 paid vacation days
  • Unique graduate school opportunities
  • Leave for family emergencies
  • Transition and job support and social networking after service
  • Advantages in federal employment
  • Opportunities for short-term assignments through Peace Corps Response
  • No fee to participate
Financial Benefits and Loan Deferment
Professional and Career Benefits
Educational Benefits
Peace Corps or graduate school? Two unique programs offer the best of both worlds.
Medical Benefits

Last updated Jan 30 2014

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