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Burkina Faso

There are 105 Volunteers in Burkina Faso working with their communities on projects in community economic development, education, and health. During their service in Burkina Faso, Volunteers learn to speak local languages, including Dagara, Dioula, French, Gulmancema, Lobiri, Nuni, Sissala, and Mooré. More than 2,005 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in Burkina Faso since the program was established in 1966.

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Vital Statistics

Population Average
17.5 million
Program Dates
1967-1987, 1995-present
Number of Volunteers
Total Volunteers to Date
Program Sectors

Education, Health, Community Economic Development

Languages Spoken
Bissa, French, Fulfuldé, Gulmancema, Gurunssi, Hidi, Itanikom, Jula, Kanuri, Kapsiki, Karunfe, Katsena, Lobiri, Lyele, Mandara, Mooré, Mungaka, Siamou and Yemba


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