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Environment and Agriculture

Environment Volunteers confront the HIV/AIDS pandemic as a general developmental issue as well and a health issue. Volunteers may educate a community regarding HIV/AIDS treatment in order to prevent the over-harvesting of plants and wildlife believed to cure AIDS. Other Volunteers may work with local communities to develop natural resource-based businesses such as ecotourism and environmentally sound cultivation of medicinal plants, to support AIDS-affected communities.

Agriculture Volunteers use their skills to stabilize food security in communities often crippled by HIV/AIDS. Volunteers may work with communities to increase local food production. Some Volunteers may help mechanize farming systems in order to decrease dependence on a depleting work force. Volunteers may lead community and farmer specific programs to teach about issues ranging from organic pesticides, to nutrition and other health concerns including AIDS.

For qualifications, please see "Education" and "Experience" under the primary descriptions of Environment and Agriculture.

Last updated Jan 30 2014

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