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Education and Youth & Community Development

Education Volunteers have a tremendous impact on community development. Through the relationships they form with students, parents and other community members, Volunteers can plan a variety of outreach programs focusing on HIV/AIDS education. Volunteers can incorporate HIV/AIDS education into regular lesson plans, after-school programs, and school-wide assemblies and activities.

Youth outreach Volunteers bring much-needed HIV/AIDS education to young community members, helping to instill important prevention methods early on. Volunteers train youth as peer educators, coordinate with boys' and girls' camps, lead education and prevention programs targeted toward children, and organize support groups for children orphaned or suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Community development Volunteers are catalysts for change. They are continually engaged in defining their role in response to their host community, which many times includes the responsibility of HIV/AIDS educator. Community development Volunteers may plan and organize HIV/AIDS awareness programs or counsel community members with the disease. Some Volunteers may even be involved in constructing health centers in their communities.

For qualifications, please see "Education" and "Experience" under the primary description of Education, Youth Outreach, and Community Development.

Last updated Jan 30 2014

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