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Environmental and Water Resources Engineering


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Volunteers work with local governments and communities to improve water and sanitation facilities.

Depending on your specific assignment, you might:

  • Train people in facilities operation and maintenance
  • Help communities access resources and form or strengthen local water or solid waste committees to sustain facilities
  • Design and build potable water sources, sewage, and irrigation systems
  • Design and build solid waste management systems and structures, earthen dams, and concrete spillways
  • Conduct community outreach to heighten awareness of water, sanitation, health, and environmental issues

How do I qualify?


Applicants can qualify with a bachelor's or master's degree in environmental or sanitary engineering;
OR a bachelor's or master's degree in civil engineering with 12 semester hours of environmental engineering course
OR certification in water or wastewater treatment plant operation or hazardous materials management.


Relevant experience or demonstrated interest includes mechanics or construction, hydrology, community outreach in health or environmental awareness, and simple accounting and budgeting. Applicants also should have excellent physical stamina.

Note: Most of these positions require Spanish language.

How will this advance my career?

Through serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, you can gain fluency in a foreign language, international experience, and cross-cultural understanding, attributes that are highly sought-after assets in today's global economy. Experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer working in public health is valued by numerous organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Public Health Service, and many private companies and nongovernmental organizations seeking individuals with unique skills. Find out how returned Peace Corps Volunteers receive advantages in federal employment.

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Last updated Jan 30 2014