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Health Volunteers work with local governments, clinics, nongovernmental organizations, and communities at the grassroots level, where the need is most urgent and the impact can be the greatest. They focus on outreach, social and behavior change in public health, hygiene, water sanitation, and HIV/AIDS. Health Volunteers work in both formal and informal settings, targeting the groups most affected by a particular health issue.

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Health Extension
Volunteers raise awareness for health education.
Public Health Education
Volunteers teach public health in classrooms and model methodologies and subjects for primary and secondary school teachers.
Water and Sanitation Extension
Volunteers help communities to provide hygiene education, potable-water storage facilities, and awareness of water and sanitation issues.
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
Volunteers work with local governments and communities to improve water and sanitation facilities.
Construction and Skilled Trades
Volunteers work with communities and local governments to facilitate the construction of schools, health centers, markets, and other projects.

Last updated Jan 30 2014

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