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This is the largest area of need for Peace Corps countries. Education Volunteers team-teach or directly teach English, health, literacy, math, and science. Education Volunteers strengthen local capacity by training and mentoring teachers in primary and secondary schools, teacher training colleges, and universities. Volunteers work with teachers to improve participatory teaching methodologies, inclusion practices, classroom management, authentic assessments, parental involvement, and gender equality in the classroom. They also create after-school programs, clubs, and camps for boys and girls to promote HIV/AIDS prevention and life skills.

A benefit of Volunteering as a teacher is that some states waive student teaching requirements or provide preliminary teaching credentials for returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

All education positions require at least a bachelor's degree and a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Click on the links below to learn more about the specific opportunities and requirements for Volunteers in education.

Secondary English Teaching
Teach conversational English, English as a foreign language, or content-based English in middle and high schools.
Primary Teacher Training
Act as a resource for elementary school teachers and occasionally provide classroom instruction.
Secondary Math and Science Teaching
Teach basic concepts, including remedial math, geometry, algebra, statistics, probability, and calculus.
Secondary English Teacher Training
Train student teachers at teachers' colleges or provide in-service training to experienced teachers.
Special Education Teacher Training
Work with education offices, schools, and local teachers, focusing on methodology, individualized instruction, classroom management, and resource development. Learn how Volunteers' imagination lead to <a href="/learn.whatlike/interactivefeatures/ks/">sign language education</a> in Kenya.
University English Teaching
Work with university-level students who need enhanced English-language skills to utilize academic and technical resources published in English.

Last updated Jan 30 2014

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