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Volunteers work in a variety of settings assisting businesses and public institutions, local and regional governments, nonprofit organizations, women's educational institutions and youth groups, artisans, and other aspiring business owners.

Depending on your specific assignment, you might:

  • Teach business courses and business English, and facilitate business training workshops
  • Train and advise entrepreneurs and managers in business planning, marketing, financial management, and product design
  • Advise agricultural cooperatives, agribusinesses, and farmers
  • Develop fundraising plans and write project funding proposals
  • Work with business service providers
  • Work with artisans and entrepreneurs to improve business practices, marketing techniques, and sales
  • Help develop the local community-based tourism industry

How do I qualify?


Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in business, economics, management, finance, marketing, accounting, computer systems, or international business;
OR a degree in any discipline with one year full-time experience in cooperatives, bookkeeping, small business, or credit unions;
OR four or more years of business management experience;
OR an associate degree in any business discipline with two years of experience as a business manager.


Most applicants have worked for at least one year in small business management, accounting, microfinance, or with cooperatives. Other relevant experience includes management in a multiple-task environment, owning or operating a small business, and volunteer work with community- or school-based organizations or clubs. Some applicants also have experience in human resource development or training, market research and financial advising, and fundraising. Project management experience, information technology skills, and agribusiness experience are also useful.

How will this advance my career?

Through serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, you can gain fluency in a foreign language, international experience, and cross-cultural understanding, attributes that are highly sought-after assets in today's global economy. Experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer working in business or small enterprise development is valued by numerous organizations, including the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Department of State, and many private companies and nongovernmental organizations seeking individuals with unique skills. Find out how returned Peace Corps Volunteers receive advantages in federal employment.

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Last updated Jan 30 2014