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Farm Management and Agribusiness


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“I worked with my community to improve methods of small animal management and to create a small-scale irrigation system to help families produce a greater variety of produce. The next step is to build greenhouses and teach families about the economic advantages of diversifying crops and producing value-added products.”

Michael ScottVolunteer in Ecuador

Volunteers work with small-scale farmers, farmers' cooperatives, agribusinesses, and nongovernmental organizations.

Depending on your specific assignment, you might:

  • Teach basic business practices such as marketing, credit price determination, and general business planning
  • Work on crop and livestock production and preservation
  • Assist in organizing networks of local farmers
  • Identify market structures and channels
  • Perform production cost and price analyses

How do I qualify?


Applicants can qualify with a bachelor's degree in agriculture economics or agribusiness;
OR a degree that combines agriculture and management;
OR a business or economics degree combined with one year of hands-on experience in farming or agribusiness;
OR at least three years full-time experience in farm management or agribusiness.


Competitive applicants have hands-on work experience in agriculture management or farming as well as general knowledge of business and marketing concepts.

How will this advance my career?

Through serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, you can gain fluency in a foreign language, international experience, and cross-cultural understanding, attributes that are highly sought-after assets in today's global economy. Peace Corps agricultural experience is valued by numerous organizations, including the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, USDA Extension Service, the U.S. Food and Nutrition Service, United Nations Environment Program, and many private corporations and public organizations seeking individuals with unique skills. Find out how returned Peace Corps Volunteers receive advantages in federal employment.

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Last updated Jan 30 2014