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Thousands of people have served in the Peace Corps, which makes for some pretty good storytelling. Use the search options below to browse Volunteer tales of service overseas.

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Philippines Looking Back Pamela Benson
Poland Profile: Cindy Bestland Cindy Bestland
Poland Letter From Poland Mary Ziemer
Romania Profile: Lorna Babby (Oglala Sioux Tribe) Lorna Babby
Russia A Letter From Russia Daphne Earley
Senegal First Day Susan Rosenfeld
Senegal The Tao of Rice Sarah Snyder
Sierra Leone An African Beggar John Przywara
Sierra Leone Profile: Merry Hutton Merry Hutton
Sierra Leone An Inconvenience is an Adventure, Rightly Viewed J. Kinney Thiele
Sierra Leone Fishing in Sierra Leone Philip Hellmich
Sierra Leone Leaving a Legacy Gary Schulze
Sierra Leone Canaan Village Elva Heinz
Somalia Finding My Village Charles Baquet
South Africa America Gave Me To You C Glin
South Africa Profile: Clemenceau Williams Clemenceau Williams
South Africa Profile: Denise Nina Hernandez Denise Hernandez
South Africa Angel Barbara Arrington
South Africa Profile: C.D. Glin C Glin
Swaziland Wood-looking Sam Birchall
Swaziland Abundant Rewards Laura Stedman
Tanzania Taking Time Walter Hawkes
Tanzania Where Credit Is Due Karen Schaefer
Thailand Profile: Lanette Woo Lanette Woo
Thailand Hopi High Hailed as RPCV Magnet Saundra Schimmelpfennig