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In Their Own Words

Thousands of people have served in the Peace Corps, which makes for some pretty good storytelling. Use the search options below to browse Volunteer tales of service overseas.

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Burkina Faso Saying Goodbye Caroline Chambre
Bulgaria There Is Time Casey Laycock
Somalia Finding My Village Charles Baquet
Bolivia Changing Perspectives Christina Luongo
Poland Profile: Cindy Bestland Cindy Bestland
South Africa Profile: Clemenceau Williams Clemenceau Williams
Nicaragua Profile: Dana Carson and Ed Chew Dana Carson
Benin From Hawaii to Benin Dana Miller
Russia A Letter From Russia Daphne Earley
Mongolia The Brown American Who Lived in a Ger Dara-Renee Hollinsed
Ethiopia The Song Of Our People David Arnold
Niger Trekking to the Sahara Deborah Ball
South Africa Profile: Denise Nina Hernandez Denise Hernandez
Dominican Republic Not Just Any Other Day Dianne Garyantes
Iran "Welcome to the Pace Corps" Donna Shalala
Belize All It Takes Is Time Donna Statler
Ukraine Why Not? Dorothy Sales
Estonia Michael Kelly: Peace Corps Turning 40 Douglas Wells
Nepal Thunder and Enlightenment Duane Karlen
Cote D'ivoire Gravel in its Intestines? Elizabeth Whisenhunt
Sierra Leone Canaan Village Elva Heinz
Bulgaria A Letter From Bulgaria Eric Friedman
Kiribati Training: A Question of Family Eric Kroetsch
Kiribati Chores and Donuts Eric Kroetsch
Mali Profile: Gabriela Gomez Gabriella Gomez