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Scenic images from the field

In Their Own Words

Thousands of people have served in the Peace Corps, which makes for some pretty good storytelling. Use the search options below to browse Volunteer tales of service overseas.

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Uzbekistan The Importance Of Drinking Tea Jake Jones
Uzbekistan Halloween In Tashkent Ruby Long
Ukraine To Peel Potatoes John Deever
Tanzania Taking Time Walter Hawkes
Tanzania Where Credit Is Due Karen Schaefer
Somalia Finding My Village Charles Baquet
Sierra Leone An Inconvenience is an Adventure, Rightly Viewed J. Kinney Thiele
Sierra Leone Fishing in Sierra Leone Philip Hellmich
Sierra Leone Canaan Village Elva Heinz
Romania Profile: Lorna Babby (Oglala Sioux Tribe) Lorna Babby
Paraguay A Taste of Success Rachel Pena
Paraguay When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear Bernadette Lorenzo
Paraguay Volunteer Affects Generations to Come in South America Joseph Garcia
Panama My Peace Corps Experience as a Native American Shawn Abeita
Niger Trekking to the Sahara Deborah Ball
Nicaragua Profile: Azikiwe Chandler Azikiwe Chandler
Namibia Profile: Suan Hanson Suan Hanson
Morocco The Rhythm of Women Kathryn Crabb
Moldova Different Kinds Of Lessons In Moldova April Simun
Mali Water Rachel Schneller
Malawi Family Affair Tana Beverwyk
Malawi Amayi Makawa Tanya Elders
Kiribati Training: A Question of Family Eric Kroetsch
Kenya The Work Continues Kelly Daniel
Kazakhstan Itam Jeffrey Fearnside