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Scenic images from the field

In Their Own Words

Thousands of people have served in the Peace Corps, which makes for some pretty good storytelling. Use the search options below to browse Volunteer tales of service overseas.

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Armenia Profile: Heidi and Jim Wilton Heidi Wilton
Cameroon The Faces Of An Acacia Tree Karin Vermilye
Cameroon Development is Down this Road Abigail Calkins
China Profile: Helen Raffel Helen Raffel
China The New Retirement: Peace Corps in the Golden Years Judith Frey
Dominican Republic Talking Of Trees Aaron Welch
Ecuador Finding Meaning In Hair Andrei Cotton
Gabon The Fridge Factor Bonnie Black
Ghana Profile: Sam Bacote Samuel Bacote
Guatemala Not A Waste Of Time At All Ronald Venezia
Guinea Peace Corps Runs in the Family Scott Gallagher
Honduras Profile: Peter Arellanes Peter Arellanes
Lesotho Peace Corps Honors Outstanding African American Community Leader Marcia Pierce
Malawi Family Affair Tana Beverwyk
Mali Profile: Gabriela Gomez Gabriella Gomez
Mongolia Cold Mornings Matthew Heller
Morocco Neighbors Orin Hargraves
Nepal Thunder and Enlightenment Duane Karlen
Nigeria Shakespeare in Calabar Tom Hebert
Panama My Peace Corps Experience as a Native American Shawn Abeita
Panama Profile: Carmenza Cespedes, and her mother, Isabel Cespedes Carmenza Cespedes
Panama Leave Taking Beth Genovese
Papua New Guinea A Single, Lucid Moment Robert Soderstrom
Poland Letter From Poland Mary Ziemer
Sierra Leone Fishing in Sierra Leone Philip Hellmich