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Scenic images from the field

In Their Own Words

Thousands of people have served in the Peace Corps, which makes for some pretty good storytelling. Use the search options below to browse Volunteer tales of service overseas.

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Zaire The Joy of Digging Michael Tidwell
Uzbekistan The Cotton Trenches of Uzbekistan Beatrice Grabish
Uzbekistan Doppas John Smart
Uzbekistan The Importance Of Drinking Tea Jake Jones
Uzbekistan Profile: Jason Bennett Jason Bennett
Uzbekistan Halloween In Tashkent Ruby Long
Ukraine Profile: James Rodriguez James Rodriguez
Ukraine Why Not? Dorothy Sales
Ukraine To Peel Potatoes John Deever
Turkmenistan Hope Dies Last Patrick Burns
Turkmenistan Profile: Vivian Colon Vivian Colon
Tunisia YSWF: Living in an Arab World Lora Parisien
Tonga Under the Tongan Sun Tina Martin
Tonga A Day's Gift in Tonga Paul Neville
Togo Soybean Transformations John Sheffy
The Gambia Reasons for Joy Victoria Derr
Thailand Profile: Lanette Woo Lanette Woo
Thailand Hopi High Hailed as RPCV Magnet Saundra Schimmelpfennig
Tanzania Taking Time Walter Hawkes
Tanzania Where Credit Is Due Karen Schaefer
Swaziland Abundant Rewards Laura Stedman
Swaziland Wood-looking Sam Birchall
South Africa Profile: C.D. Glin C Glin
South Africa America Gave Me To You C Glin
South Africa Angel Barbara Arrington