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Profile: Jason Bennett


The Peace Corps doesn't simply prepare you for the business world. It prepares you for anything.

The Peace Corps is an experience like no other. It is experience you can't get anywhere else. Business Volunteer Jason Bennett and his wife, Kelly, who served as an education Volunteer, know that well from their time in Uzbekistan.

"I think you acquire skills as a Peace Corps Volunteer that you can't possibly get from any job in America." says Kelly, "You become tremendously creative and flexible. I honestly believe I could do anything after this. Any boss could ask me to do anything, and I could take the most minuscule materials and do anything with them."

It's an exciting time for anyone to be in Uzbekistan, but it's especially exciting for someone working in business. The country is making the difficult transition from communism, and Jason is working to help students learn a new economy and a new marketplace.

"When I came here, I realized where I was really needed was in business education, teaching the very basic levels of marketing western business." Jason also offers his skills to a variety of artisans who sell their goods in the local bazaar.

"Right now, I'm trying to get the soft sell approach across to them. I'm trying to get them to understand that you can educate a consumer and get them interested in your product."

For Jason, the Peace Corps has been an adventure, an opportunity to travel the world, learn a new language, and learn a new culture. But beyond all that, it's been a valuable business opportunity. An opportunity to use his abilities to positively affect the marketplace of an emerging economy. That is an experience you can't get just anywhere else. And it's an experience that will be invaluable for the rest of his career.

Jason Bennett (Uzbekistan)

Jason Bennett was a business advisor Volunteer in Uzbekistan. He has a B.A. in Economics and is originally from Eugene, Oregon.

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