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Office of Victim Advocacy

The Peace Corps is committed to providing a compassionate, effective and coordinated response to all Volunteers who are affected by crime. The Office of Victim Advocacy is a resource to currently serving and returned Volunteers who have been victims of sexual assault, stalking and other crimes, and works to ensure Volunteers have access to the full range of support services provided by the Peace Corps. Highly trained Victim Advocates are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to Peace Corps Volunteers who have been victims of crime during their service.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Office of Victim Advocacy

  • What does the Victim Advocate do?

    The Peace Corps' Victim Advocate has three main responsibilities when working with a victim of crime:

    • To ensure Volunteers are aware of, understand, and have access to the support services offered by the Peace Corps
    • To ensure Peace Corps staff is aware of, understand, and take into consideration Volunteersí choices and wishes regarding the care they receive and their continued service in the Peace Corps
    • To answer questions and address concerns related to Peace Corps policies and procedures or the local criminal justice and legal system

    The Office of Victim Advocacy is guided by the following principles:

    • The Victim Advocate aims to provide services guided by the choices of the Volunteer, responding without judgment to reasonable requests for information and assistance.
    • The Victim Advocate respects the confidentiality and privacy of Volunteers.
    • The Victim Advocate works to ensure that the Peace Corps maintains a Volunteer-centered approach as outlined in the agencyís Commitment to Sexual Assault Victims.

  • What services does the Office of Victim Advocacy provide?

    • Providing unconditional support to empower survivors in their recovery.
    • Referring crime victims to proper resources for support services, both within the Peace Corps and outside organizations.
    • Providing information to assist Volunteers in making informed decisions.
    • Addressing concerns if Volunteers feel they have not been treated fairly and respectfully and with the required degree of privacy and confidentiality.
    • Advocating within the Peace Corps for the needs of, and choices made by, Volunteers who are victims of crime.
    • Assisting Volunteers with safety planning following an incident.
    • When requested, accompanying a Volunteer overseas to participate in the investigative process and legal proceedings.
    • Keeping Volunteers informed and updated throughout the investigative process, legal proceedings, and internal investigations.
    • Assisting with FECA filing and claims process.

  • How does a Volunteer contact a Victim Advocate?

    The Victim Advocate is available 24/7.

    If there is an emergency and you need to speak to a Victim Advocate right away:

    For general questions about our office call 202.692.1753 or email ovaadmin@peacecorps.gov.

Last updated May 03 2016