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We require two letters of recommendation. Please notify your references as soon as you start your application. Your references will only be contacted if you pass the initial screening. We suggest that you encourage your references to respond within two weeks of receiving the Peace Corps' request.

Recommendations must be from any two of the following individuals:

  • A current or previous employment supervisor
  • A current or previous volunteer work supervisor
  • A close friend who has known you for at least two years (the person cannot be related to you)

You will not be considered for Peace Corps service without these two recommendations. If you have any prior employment or volunteer work experience (full or part-time), you must provide a reference from a current or prior supervisor. No professor substitutions are allowed. Professor references may be substituted only in the event you have not had prior employment or volunteer work experience. You will still be asked to provide additional information concerning your substitute references. Recommendations will not be accepted from family members or persons with whom you are romantically involved. If you have any questions regarding appropriate references, please contact your local regional recruiting office by calling 1.855.855.1961 and choosing option 3.

We strongly encourage submitting recommendations online as this streamlines the application process. However, if one or more of your recommendation providers is unable to complete the online form, please download the paper reference form below. You must then print out the reference form and send it to your recommender. The completed paper reference form must be placed in a sealed envelope with the recommender’s signature across the seal, and returned to your regional recruiting office. We cannot under any circumstances accept paper references without the recommender’s signature across the unbroken seal.

Peace Corps Reference Form (PDF)

Last updated May 03 2016