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Application FAQs

The Waitlist

  • Why did I get placed on the waitlist?

    The Peace Corps application process is extremely competitive, with many more qualified applicants than available positions. Regrettably, we are not able to offer every qualified candidate an invitation to serve.  Recently, the Peace Corps began offering qualified candidates who would have otherwise been not selected the opportunity to be placed on a waitlist.  If a position becomes available in a waitlist candidate’s designated program prior to departure, the candidate will be given the opportunity to accept the invitation and fill the available position. 

  • What is the likelihood, if selected for the waitlist, that I will be actually invited to serve in the Peace Corps?

    There is no guarantee that a waitlist candidate will be invited to serve, but because invited candidates drop out for a variety of reasons after invitation, we anticipate that we will select waitlist candidates for many country departures. Waitlist candidates who are selected for service will be notified on an ongoing basis. 

  • Will I be considered for service in other positions or in other countries if not selected from the waitlist, or will I need to reapply?

    Waitlist candidates are considered only for openings in their designated program. If a position does not become available in their designated program, waitlist candidates are encouraged to reapply, and to work closely with their recruiters to acquire additional skills that may strengthen their application in the future.

  • What happens if I choose not to accept my waitlist invitation? Will this impact my chances of being selected in the future?

    Each Peace Corps application is evaluated on its own merits. Your decision to accept or decline your waitlist invitation will not impact your application should you decide to reapply for service in the future. 

  • Does the Peace Corps rank waitlist candidates?

    No, the Peace Corps will not rank waitlist candidates. When a vacancy arises for a designated country we will select for that position the best available waitlist candidate.

  • Since there will be costs associated with the medical clearance process, am I guaranteed an invitation?

    Unfortunately, a waitlist invitation is not a guarantee of an invitation to serve. However, waitlist candidates will have access to the same cost-sharing programs for medical expenses as invited candidates. For more information on this cost-sharing program, please see the frequently asked questions section of your Medical Applicant Portal (MAP).

  • Why should I accept a waitlist invitation?

    Whether or not to accept a waitlist invitation is a personal choice and a decision that will need to be made by each individual candidate. The benefit of accepting a waitlist invitation is that it provides an opportunity for the candidate to be invited for Peace Corps service to a designated program, should a position become available. If a candidate chooses not to accept a waitlist invitation and is still interested in Peace Corps service, the candidate will always have the opportunity to reapply.  

  • When will I be notified that I am no longer on the waitlist?

    Waitlist candidates who are not selected for service three weeks before the scheduled country departure will be notified that a position did not become available and will be encouraged to reapply. 

Last updated May 03 2016

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