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Application FAQs

Medical Applicant Portal

  • I'm unable to login to the Medical Applicant Portal for the first time.

    You should have received an email with the link to the Medical Applicant Portal (MAP) and instructions to create your password in your welcome email. Please note this is a separate login from the Peace Corps Application Portal. If you did not receive the welcome email or did not receive instructions, email amsadmin@peacecorps.gov for further assistance. When contacting us, please include your name and your candidate reference number. If you do not have your candidate reference number, please contact application@peacecorps.gov. Please note: You must initially register in MAP using the Account Register link sent to you; after registering, you can log in through the regular MAP link. Your username is your full email address. Keep in mind that your candidate reference number (seven digits) is different from your medical case number (which begins with CAS). The medical case number is used for the medical clearance process.

  • I've logged into the Medical Applicant Portal before, but I forgot my password.

    Use the Reset Your Password link, just below the entry field for your login and password. You will need your username and your seven-digit candidate reference number to reset your password. Once you've reset it, you'll receive an email containing a temporary password to the account we have on file for you. When you receive your temporary password, we recommend copying and pasting that password for best results. Once logged in, please use the Change Password option to reset your password.

  • The Medical Applicant Portal does not recognize my login.

    Please verify that the login you are using is the contact email address we have on file for you. (Sometimes applicants use different email addresses for their Peace Corps application login and contact email.) Please use the contact email you listed in your Peace Corps application profile, and NOT the different email address you may have used for your application login.

    If you attempt to login unsuccessfully more than six times, your account will be locked and you will need to email amsadmin@peacecorps.gov to have your account unlocked. When contacting us, please include your name and your seven-digit candidate reference number.

Health History Form

  • I submitted my application form, but I didn't get the email for the Health History Form.

    The Health History Form is not available until after you submit your application via the Application Portal. Immediately after you submit your application form, a link to the Health History Form will be emailed to the contact email address you provided in your application. To verify that you have submitted your application, please check your application status. Remember to check your junk/spam folder and adjust your filters to make sure you receive emails from the Peace Corps.

    If you have submitted your application, please contact amsadmin@peacecorps.gov to receive another copy of the welcome email. When contacting us, please include your name and your candidate reference number (the seven-digit number you received when you submitted your completed application).

  • I've submitted my application form but I don't have my Candidate Reference Number.

    You should have received an email with a copy of your application and your seven-digit candidate reference number upon submission of your completed application. If you did not receive the email or need your candidate reference number sent to you again, you can email application@peacecorps.gov for further assistance. When contacting us, please include your name and the contact email address you listed in the application.

  • The system won't let me sign the HIPAA form.

    To sign the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) form, you will need to use your name and date of birth as entered in your Peace Corps application. If you entered the wrong date of birth or you believe there is an error, please email amsadmin@peacecorps.gov.

  • I'm having trouble submitting my Health History Form.

    If you are having trouble submitting your Health History Form due to a technical error, we recommend first updating your Internet browser to the most current version available. If this does not solve the problem, please email amsadmin@peacecorps.gov for any technical issues.

  • I completed my Health History Form but need to add information. How can I update it?

    To provide additional medical information, please use the Messages section in the Medical Applicant Portal (MAP) to send that information securely and directly to a nurse. Do not send medical information to the admin or other email addresses or to anyone except the medical office via your medical portal.

  • How will my medical needs impact where I am invited to serve?

    The health, safety, and security of Volunteers is the Peace Corps' top priority. Applicants must have the ability, with or without a medical accommodation, to perform the essential functions of a Volunteer for a full tour of duty without unreasonable disruption due to health problems. The scope of medical care available varies greatly among countries. Medical support considerations can be one of the most important factors the Placement Office considers when determining where a qualified applicant can be placed. Your placement and assessment specialist will collaborate with the Office of Medical Services to ensure you are placed where appropriate medical support can be provided, but please know that your medical information is confidential; neither recruiters nor placement staff have access to your medical record. To learn more about medical considerations for Peace Corps service, please visit http://www.peacecorps.gov/volunteer/learn/health/ .

  • Why do I have a list of countries from which to select a program?

    Volunteers' health, safety, and security are the Peace Corps' top priorities. Our professional medical team looks at each country where the Peace Corps works to determine what medical resources are reliably available. The medical needs and health histories of each Volunteer are unique, so the list of countries where a Volunteer can access the medical support needed to stay healthy throughout a 27-month assignment is specific to each individual.

  • Can I change/appeal my list of countries?

    No. Your country support list was produced based on the answers you provided on your Health History Form and identifies which countries can medically support you during 27 months of service abroad. Note: a country support list is not a medical clearance decision. Those decisions will come later in the medical clearance process. When the medical clearance decision is made, you will have an appeal right and will be advised of appeal procedures.

Medical Clearance Process

  • How do I know if I have medical tasks to complete?

    You will receive an email directing you to log into the Medical Applicant Portal (MAP) for any medical tasks you need to complete. If you are concerned that you missed the email, you can log into the Medical Applicant Portal at any time and click on the My Tasks area to see any requests.

  • I have questions about the medical clearance process. Whom can I contact?

    The Medical Applicant Portal (MAP) has FAQs within it to help address questions regarding the medical clearance process. For questions about your specific tasks, please contact one of our nurses via the Messages section of the MAP.

  • I'm not able to complete the medical tasks by the listed deadline. Whom can I contact?

    If you are unable to complete the medical tasks by the deadline, please contact the pre-service unit using the Messages section of the Medical Applicant Portal.


Last updated May 03 2016

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