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Application Faqs

Completing Your Application

  • How can I submit additional application information or transcripts?

    You can upload attachments to your application at any time, even after submission, from the home page of your application portal by selecting " Manage Your Account/Upload Transcripts." You will find a tab for Attachments toward the top of the Edit profile page, which can be found by clicking the " Manage Your Account/Upload Transcripts" link on the Welcome page.

    Step One: Select the option "Manage Your Account/Upload Transcripts"

    Step Two: Select the Attachments tab

    Step Three: Browse to the target file, Open it, select Upload, Save upload


  • What should I do if I receive an error message or the form is not accepting my entry?

    First, confirm that you have entered information in the proper format, stayed within the number of characters permitted for each entry, and otherwise met formatting requirements. If not, there will be red text at the top of the page that informs you of the conditions that have not been met. If conditions are met, click the "Previous" button at the bottom of the application and return to the previous page. If that doesn't work, select "Save as draft" on the page previous to the one with the error. Clear your browser's cache (history and cookies). Log back into your application profile and select "Saved drafts" to continue with the application from the point at which it was last saved. If you are on a Mac, and these issues continue, try using a PC running a recent version of Internet Explorer. For technical solutions, email application@peacecorps.gov.

  • My choice is not included on the selection list (for schools, language, etc.). What should I do?

    In those cases, select "Other" and enter a comment in the subsequent notes or comment field. At the time of your interview, you can provide additional clarifying information. For the purpose of completing the application, choose "Other" or select the closest match from the available options.

  • I filled out part of the application form, but now the page is blank. What happened?

    Be sure to save your answers from time to time as you complete the application. If you are finished for the day, click the "Save as draft" button at the bottom of the application. If you don't save before closing the application you will lose any progress you have made. In addition, you must update and save changes to your draft at least every 30 days or the application will be deleted.

  • How can I tell if the Peace Corps has received my application?

    From the application portal home page, click on "Check Your Application Status" to find your job submission status. Please note it can take up to two hours for the system to update your application status.

    If the HR Status says "Health History Form Pending," we have received your application but are awaiting your completed Health History Form. You should have received two emails, one containing a copy of your application and one with instructions on how to access the Medical Applicant Portal (MAP). To complete the second portion of your Peace Corps application, you will need to go to your MAP and submit your Health History Form. Your application is not complete, and will not be reviewed by Peace Corps, until the Health History Form has been submitted.

    If you did not receive the email confirming the submission of your application and there is no entry for your job submission status on the
    "Check Your Application Status" page, you may not have submitted your application. If you believe this is in error, email application@peacecorps.gov with your full name and application login email address.

    If you submitted your application and received the confirmation email with your candidate reference number (CRN), but did not receive the second email with instructions on how to access your MAP, email amsadmin@peacecorps.gov with your full name and CRN.

    If the HR Status says "Application and Health History Form Received," we have received your completed application, including the Health History Form. We will review your application within the next three weeks. The Application Submission Status will continue to update as your application is processed.

  • Where can I find more information about all the steps of the process?

    After submitting your application, your non-medical information is given to a placement and assessment specialist in the Office of Volunteer Recruitment and Selection. If the initial review of your application is successful, the placement and assessment specialist will contact you to schedule an interview. For more information, please review the steps in the application process and the FAQs in the Medical Applicant Portal.

  • What if I made a mistake on my application?

    After submission, you can only use your application profile to edit your personal contact information or upload additional attachments to your completed application. Your recruiter can help you make appropriate updates and corrections once your application has been submitted. Please contact the regional recruitment office that serves your state.

  • I need to upload additional documents for my submitted application.

    Please see FAQ "How can I submit additional application information?"

  • My recommender did not receive the reference form.

    Often recommenders do not receive their reference form email because they use a spam-blocking tool that prevents it from reaching their inbox. You should remind them to expect an email from @peacecorps.gov; they can add this domain address to their approved list or check in their spam folder.

  • How do I add, change, or delete a recommender?

    You can add an additional recommender at any time during the application process, but after a recommendation is received no changes or deletions can be made to that recommender's information.

    To add, change, or delete a recommender, inform your placement and assessment specialist of the desired change and provide that individual with the full name and email address of the substitute recommender.

  • What should I do if my availability date has changed?

    Please inform your placement and assessment specialist of your new availability date as soon as possible.

  • I have a question about the medical process. Who should I contact?

    After you submit your application, you will receive an email to create your sign-on for the Medical Applicant Portal. The portal contains a secure messaging tool for specific medical questions. If you have general medical inquiries prior to completion of the Health History Form, email pre-serviceunit@peacecorps.gov. Please do not send personal or specific medical information via email.

Last updated May 03 2016

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