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FAQs for Applicants

  • If I apply to the Ukraine or Senegal posting, am I guaranteed an invitation?

    Unfortunately, not.  These two programs are competitive and there are a limited number of spots available.  In addition, you must be medically and legally cleared.  If spots in these programs become unavailable, you may be considered for other countries or programs for which you qualify. The normal Peace Corps application process takes an average of nine to 12 months.

  • Do you have any specific postings for other countries?

    Not at this time, but we welcome your application to the Peace Corps so that you can be considered for any of our countries and programs.

  • Why are there specific postings for Ukraine and Senegal but not for any other countries?

    Ukraine and Senegal were selected based on the skill sets requested and the timing of the departure of the next training class.  Trainees would  depart for service to these countries at the end of September 2013.

  • Can couples apply to these programs?

    Couples are welcome to apply to these positions; however, limited space is available for couple placements, and both spouses would have to qualify.

Last updated Jul 15 2014

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