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Bowling Green State University — Department of Romance and Classical Studies (French)

Program Type:
Coverdell Fellows
Department of Romance and Classical Studies (French)
Degrees Awarded:
Dual MA in French and complementary program (History, Political Science, Spanish, German), French, MA, MAT in French Education
Admissions Deadlines:

Varies from year to year, contact the Graduate Coordinator

Admissions Cycle:


Program Start:
Program Founded:
April, 2014


Admitted Peace Corps students are regularly offered a full or partial tuition scholarship and full or partial stipend assistantship (depending on candidate’s qualifications and applicant pool). For exact stipend amounts, contact the Graduate Coordinator. Students with a full scholarship gain college-level teaching experience as instructors of their own section of basic French courses (under supervision of a Teaching Assistant Coordinator).


During the first year of the program, students have the option of taking language-oriented and linguistics courses in Tours, France; during the second year on the BGSU campus, courses focus on literary and cultural studies both in France and the Francophone world. The courses on the BGSU campus range from the study of gender within the West African context to the analysis of the intersection of law and literature in Lebanon or Algeria in addition to the study of cinema or Quebec’s quest for identity, to name a few examples. Through the required seminar on critical approaches, the M.A. in French program at BGSU provides students with the tools of interdisciplinary inquiry in order to lay the foundation for their research project or thesis.

There is a large multinational Arab population in the vicinity of Bowling Green State University (Perrysburg, Ohio & Dearborn, Michigan) that can provide opportunities for internships. For returning Peace Corps volunteers seeking an internship over the summer, there are also multiple opportunities to work with Haitian communities further afield (for instance, Chicago).

The following organizations represent a starting point for returning PC volunteers seeking an internship: ACCESS (Dearborn); Masjid Saad Foundation (Toledo); Greater Toledo Islamic Center; Haitian Diaspora Federation.


Prospective students for the MA, MAT or Dual MA programs should have an undergraduate major in French or have a French minor with at least 20 semester hours of credit beyond the intermediate level and a record of study in a French-speaking country.

Applicants who do not meet these requirements may be admitted in exceptional circumstances provided they are willing to make up their deficiencies as specified by the graduate coordinator.

The department looks for a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 both overall and in French.

Please note that an additional requirement for the MAT program is that it is open only to licensed teachers with at least one year of teaching experience, as the MAT itself does not offer a path to licensure.

For inquiries about Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, call 855.855.1961 x1440.

Program Contacts

If you have questions, please contact:
Beatrice Guenther
Graduate Coordinator

Romance and Classical Studies (French)
203 Shatzel Hall
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403