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Florida State University — Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Program Type:
Master's International
Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Degrees Awarded:
Planning (MS)
Admissions Deadlines:

Open; Feb. 1 for Financial Aid

Admissions Cycle:

Twice per year

Program Start:
Fall and Spring
Program Founded:
September, 1992


Peace Corps service is integrated with the student's academic program; Peace Corps service fulfills the internship requirement; Peace Corps offers the international experience needed to obtain employment in a developing country. Total credits required for graduation will be reduced by 6 credit hours (from 48 to 42) for successful completion of Peace Corps training.


The rate of urbanization in today's world is much more rapid in developing than developed areas. The Master's International Program at FSU is designed to ensure a steady stream of volunteers for the planning of these rapidly growing urban areas. Courses cover the legal and institutional context in which planners operate, as well as specific strategies such as regional economic development, micro-enterprise development, housing and infrastructure, and capacity-building, particularly among non-governmental organizations. Students develop skills in the preparation of development plans, in the design, management and implementation of development projects, and in participatory planning and research. Students are also encouraged to take courses in one or more of the other specializations in the department, namely housing and community development, transportation, comprehensive planning and land use, environment, and health.

The typical master's program takes 42 semester hours and 21 hours in the core curriculum common to all specializations. MI students will complete one year of courses, then begin their Peace Corps service. Students will return to Tallahassee to complete their degree requirements upon completion of Peace Corps service.


Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university; GRE scores; undergraduate transcript.

For inquiries about Master's International, call 855.855.1961 x1812.

Program Contacts

If you have questions, please contact:
Prof. Petra Doan
Associate Professsor

Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-2280
(850) 644-4510
(850) 645-4841