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Fellows in the Community: Archived Narratives

  • Joseph Alustiza

    M.A. Political Science
    Illinois State University, 2009
    East Timor, 2005–2006

    During my Fellows/USA experience, I studied with fellow RPCVs and future Peace Corps Volunteers. I shared my stories of service from East Timor and heard other great stories of service from around the world. During my two years at ISU, I made lifelong friends who share a passion and commitment to continue promoting service opportunities in the United States and abroad.
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  • Ryan Browning

    Master's of Business Administration
    Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, 2009
    Burkina Faso, 2003–2005
    Senegal, 2006

    Like many Volunteers upon their return to the States, I felt that going to graduate school would be a great way to solidify my experience. Fellows/USA seemed like it could be a real advantage, but initially I did not look to it because there were limited options for MBA candidates. However, one day I was happy to see that the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University had joined as a partner school. It was a fortunate revelation for me since I had already independently started my application to the program at Fuqua.
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  • Jared Buono

    Ph.D. Watershed Management
    University of Arizona, 2009
    Ghana, 1997–1999

    I remember being in the village thinking, "I don’t know enough stuff. I need to know more about hydrology so I can really help people." This is essentially why I went back to graduate school. The Fellows/USA opportunity allowed me to connect my academic work to the community, which is something I think many RPCVs crave. It also helped me see all that I had learned from my time in the Peace Corps. I realized I had learned how to work with communities, how to communicate with all manner of people, and how to build consensus.
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  • Ellen Clark

    M.Ed. Secondary Education
    The George Washington University, 2010
    Republic of Georgia, 2007–2008

    Soon after returning to the United States, I read about Prince George's County Teaching Fellows program with The George Washington University (GWU) on the Peace Corps website. After speaking with the program manager, a former Botswana RPCV and a GWU graduate, I knew that I wanted to be a Peace Corps Fellow and earn my master's in secondary education with a concentration in English for speakers of other languages (ESOL).
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  • Anthony Cotton

    M.A. International Political Economy and Development
    M.A. Economics
    Fordham University, 2009
    Ghana, 2004–2006

    When I entered the Peace Corps Fellows/USA program, I had a thirst for knowledge and a vague sense of direction. Fordham’s program helped me define career goals and provided me with the academic degrees, experiences, guidance, and connections to start achieving these goals.
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  • Stephen Maduli-Williams

    M.S. Public Policy and Management
    Carnegie Mellon University, 1999
    Zimbabwe, 1995–1997

    While still a Volunteer, I was already thinking about going to graduate school and Fellows/USA seemed like a natural progression in that regard. I found out that Carnegie Mellon was a partner in the Fellows/USA program and is a great school that offers a course of study fitting in with what I wanted to do. I applied and was accepted. I studied a combination of public policy and business administration, with a focus on economic development. It was a perfect fit
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  • Katie Maeve Murphy

    M.P.H. Public Health, 2013
    University of Pennsylvania
    El Salvador, 2002-2004

    As a Peace Corps Fellow, I have had the opportunity to pursue my passion for working on projects related to international child health and development. I have participated in international conferences and am now working on a research project with Save the Children, an international nongovernmental organization.
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  • Carole McCauley

    MS Environmental Education
    Florida Institute of Technology, 2008
    Antigua, 1998–2001

    I chose to do my Fellows/USA program at the Florida Institute of Technology. I already had a Master of Arts and History degree in education, but I felt I needed to enhance my scientific abilities. I specifically looked for an environmental education program that had a strong scientific element to it. Some of the programs out there are Master of Education or Master of Arts, but Florida Tech offered a Master of Science degree.
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  • Kevin McMahan

    M.A. Community Planning, Environmental Planning Specialty
    University of Cincinnati 2007
    Ukraine, 2003–2005

    The link between my Peace Corps service and my Fellows/USA degree was the emphasis on the environment. A few months before I finished my two-year commitment, I noticed a calendar in the Peace Corps office in Kiev that advertised the Fellows/USA Master of Community Planning program at the University of Cincinnati (UC). I felt it was the perfect option because I could live with my parents (I am a native of Cincinnati), allowing them time to get to know my wife, while earning a master's degree. For me, UC was also special because the dean of the School of Planning at that time was Dr. David Edelman, an RPCV.
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  • Lynne Moquete

    M.P.H. Public Health
    University of Texas at El Paso 1995
    Dominican Republic, 1990–1992

    Being a Peace Corps Fellow allowed me to continue to serve while learning valuable skills that would help with my career. I am so grateful for my time at UTEP; for the professors and fellow students who walked with me along the path of discovery. I studied border health issues at the University of Texas at El Paso. My degree is a Master in Public Health of which I am very proud. There were many links between my Volunteer service and my degree, especially because my Peace Corps site was a border town with Haiti.
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  • Kate Slavens

    Master of Public Affairs
    Indiana University-Bloomington, 2011
    Mali, 2007–2009

    Fellows/USA has allowed me to continue to pursue the areas of interest I developed as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Not only am I studying a subject that I am passionate about, but because of my Fellows/USA position, I am able to work in an internship that gives me a chance to give back to the community.
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  • Vanessa Spero

    M.S. Environmental Education
    Florida Institute of Technology, 2006
    Niger, 2001–2003

    I don't know that you can ever predict where you will end up or what you'll be doing. I had an interest in animals and the environment my whole life. My bachelor’s degree was in animal sciences and I volunteered in the Peace Corps in Niger for two years, working in small animal husbandry.
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  • Moses Timah

    M.S. Health Sciences and Health Management
    Western Illinois University, 2002
    Guyana, 1996–1998

    As a Volunteer whose original place of birth is Africa, I was able to identify with the people of Guyana in their struggles. In Africa, I had studied under a tree not because it was fun, but because that was the only option there was for shelter from rain or sun. I was able to identify with situations of this nature, or when students came to school hungry.
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  • Andrea Turkalo

    M.A. Education
    Teachers College, Columbia University, 198
    Central African Republic, 1980–1984
    Tunisia, 1978–1980

    My life—from Africa to the South Bronx in New York City and then back again to the part of the world where I have spent most of my adulthood—has left me with many memorable experiences. I've faced repeated challenges of being a transplant in search of cultural clues in order to blend in.
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