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Effective Date: Thursday, October 17, 2013

Peace Corps offices in the United States are OPEN under TWO HOURS DELAYED ARRIVAL (administrative leave) and employees have the OPTION FOR UNSCHEDULED LEAVE OR UNSCHEDULED TELEWORK.

Employees may be granted excused absence (administrative leave) for up to two hours past their normal arrival times.

Employees must notify their supervisor of their intent to use unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. In accordance with Peace Corps’ policies and procedures, subject to any applicable collective bargaining requirements, employees have the option to use:

  1. earned annual leave, restored annual leave, compensatory time off, credit hours, or sick leave, as appropriate;
  2. leave without pay; or
  3. their alternate work schedule day off or rearrange their work hours under flexible work schedules.

Telework-ready employees who are regularly scheduled to perform telework, or who notify their supervisors of their intention to perform unscheduled telework, must be prepared to telework for the entire workday, or take unscheduled leave, or a combination of both, for the entire workday in accordance with Peace Corps policies and procedures, subject to any applicable collective bargaining requirements.

Pre-approved Leave. Employees on pre-approved leave for the entire workday will be charged leave for the entire workday.

For additional information regarding the status of Government Operations you may check the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website at www.opm.gov.

Last updated Nov 21 2013