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Tips and Tools to Tell Your Story

There are countless ways to share your Peace Corps experiences with Americans. Tell us when you share your experience and help us demonstrate the impact RPCVs make here in America. To thank you, we’ll send you a kit of promotional materials to use during your event.

Check out the ideas and resources below for inspiration and support to share your story in your community. 

  • Where to Tell Your Story

    • Organize a brown bag lunch at your workplace.
    • Share your story with an after-school program or youth group in your area.
    • Plan a “story slam” at a local hangout. Check out some tips for planning a storytelling event.
    • Set up a display at your local library featuring crafts, pictures, words from the local language, and traditional clothing and music.
    • Participate in a Peace Corps recruitment event in your area. Contact your nearest recruitment office to learn how to get involved.
    • Write an op-ed or letter to the editor for your local newspaper.
    • Team up with fellow RPCVs in your area and put together an “Around the World” display at a community center representing your different Peace Corps countries and experiences.
    • Participate in an open mic with a story, poem, or song.
    • Sign up for the World Wise Schools Speaker Match program for help linking up with a local school who would like to hear from RPCVs. Or set up your own classroom visit using your personal network!
    • Incorporate Peace Corps souvenirs throughout your home and work life to spark conversations about your country of service.
    • Work with other RPCVs to create a map mural at a local school. Celebrate the completion of the map with a geography bee focusing on questions related to Peace Corps host countries.
    • Get ideas from events that other RPCVs have organized on our Third Goal Highlights page.

  • How to Tell Your Story

    • Tailor what you share to the interests of your audience.
    • Engage as many senses as possible—sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch—as you share your story.
    • Share traditional snacks from your country of service during your event.
    • Use artifacts from your service like fabrics, art objects, currency, tools, and photos.
    • Include a few words from the language of your country in your event to inspire curiosity. Be sure to define any foreign words that you use.
    • Hone your storytelling skills  to really draw your audience into your experiences. 
    • Watch our storytelling training video.
    • Be careful not to use Peace Corps acronyms or jargon your audience won’t know.
    • Leave time for Q & A and keep your answers concise and engaging.
    • Have fun! Think of your presentation like a conversation with a friend who wants to learn about your experience.

  • Resources to Help You Tell Your Story

    Activity Toolkits
    Activity Toolkits are your A-Z guides for facilitating Third Goal events of all shapes and sizes.
    Presentation Resources

    Peace Corps Digital Library
    The Peace Corps Digital Library is a searchable collection of official agency materials and images and stories contributed by the Peace Corps community.

    Peace Corps YouTube Channel
    The Peace Corps’ official YouTube channel helps visitors explore what it's like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer and learn more about the history of the Peace Corps.

    Peace Corps Passport
    The Peace Corps’ official blog provides a personal and fun look at what it’s like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer.

    Peace Corps Fact Sheet
    The Peace Corps Fact Sheet lists statistics, facts, figures, and other pertinent information.

    Other Resources
    The National Peace Corps Association offers resources for groups planning activities.

Last updated Dec 03 2015

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