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How Do I Find a Returned Volunteer?

Coverdell World Wise Schools Speakers Match program

Groups can request to host Peace Corps Volunteers to speak about their experiences in other countries. Contact wwsinfo@peacecorps.gov to request the name and contact information of a potential speaker who has returned from Peace Corps service and is signed up for Speakers Match. To improve your chances of a match, please provide your complete address, email, and phone number, along with the closest major metropolitan area and corresponding zip codes.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Affiliated Groups

The National Peace Corps Association has a directory of affiliated returned Volunteer groups categorized by country of service and where they reside, throughout the United States. Many of these groups have a Speaker’s Bureau.

Independent Affiliated Peace Corps Groups

There are many independent Peace Corps groups across the nation and around the world. Look online to invite a member to speak. Recommended key search words: Peace Corps group Third Goal.

Last updated Jan 22 2014

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For more information about Third Goal activities, please contact:

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