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Addressing Adults

Best Practices: Addressing Adults

Many returned Volunteers enjoy speaking to adult audiences. The following are some suggested activities recommended by the Peace Corps community.

  • Colleagues, Friends, and Neighbors

    • "Thirteen RPCVs representing 10 different countries organized a display of our countries of service during Peace Corps Week at the Census Bureau, where we work. There was an announcement broadcast through the Census Bureau's Intranet site. The display was mounted in a conference room next to the cafeteria."

      Julie Buckley-Ess, Paraguay 1978–1980, 1982–1983

    • "My husband, daughter, and I had a chance to visit my son, Bill, in his host country. We decided to share our "Peace Corps experience" upon our return home and printed over 100 8-by-11 photos from our trip and hung them on 6-foot long sheets of butcher paper throughout our store for our customers to view. The positive community response has been amazing. Since then we've been asked to give several presentations for local churches and service organizations."

      Mike and Margaret Novak, parents of a Volunteer in Paraguay

    • "I volunteered to give a presentation during our local library's brown bag program. It was very well-received, and I really enjoyed having the captive, interested audience. The audience was made up of many retirees, local businesspeople on their lunch hour, and others. I found the letters that I had sent home over the course of my two years to be very useful and more representative of my first impressions."

      Lisa Teyema, Cape Verde 1999–2001

    • "I shared my Peace Corps experience with my co-workers. I brought in a traditional Paraguayan dish and shared the national drink, yerba maté, with the attendees. I also brought in many crafts and shared a few stories that I had written while I was there. I laminated the poster to use during my presentation and used the Peace Corps website to find facts on Paraguay. I received positive feedback from the attendees, and I have been asked to present again during Cultural Diversity Day in October."

      Deborah Burr, Paraguay 1998–2000

    • "We celebrated Peace Corps (Week) at the Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church in Pasadena, California. About 17 countries were represented at our "International Hall of Show and Tell." Teenage church members modeled traditional costumes from India, Bali, and Cameroon, and we all feasted on mafay—a peanut stew from Senegal."

      Lee Brainerd, Senegal 1972–1973

    • "Members of the Minority Peace Corps Association shared their Peace Corps experiences with classrooms and at a church. We received Peace Corps Day proclamations from the mayors of Philadelphia and Trenton. We also had a great diversity dinner on Peace Corps Day, with more than 30 people attending. We borrowed a microphone from the live band and spoke to the entire restaurant about Peace Corps Day. All in all, it was a great day."

      Leslie Jean-Pierre, Guinea 1994–1996

  • Associations, Organizations, and Civic Groups

    • "I gave a presentation to a "learning in retirement" class with 30 elderly students at the University of South Florida and to 25 members of the Bradenton, Florida, Rotary Club. It was fun and enjoyed by all."

      Charles Delp, Samoa 1998-2000

  • Downloadable Presentation and Activity Resources for All Ages

    Consider using Slide Shows, Videos, and Story Podcasts provided by the World Wise Schools program. To search all available resources, including multimedia materials, stories, and cross-cultural activities, visit Savvy Downloadable Resources and the Peace Corps Website Treasure Trove.

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