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Community Outreach Ideas

Consider the opportunities to let others know about your Peace Corps experience:

  • Organize a brown bag lunch at your workplace, offering traditional snacks from the country where you or your family member served
  • Set up a display at your local library, featuring crafts, pictures, words from the local language, and traditional clothing and music
  • Visit a school in your neighborhood and teach the students how to make a craft that is unique to your country of service
  • Team up with fellow RPCVs in your area and put together a presentation at a community center representing many different Peace Corps countries and experiences
  • Encourage your local newspaper to run a story about your Peace Corps experiences or to publish a letter to the editor about Peace Corps service
  • Contact your local RPCV group or look online to find youth, faith-based, retirement, special interest groups and clubs, and professional associations in your area.

Sample Outreach Ideas

  • Karen Unger shared her Peace Corps experience with a youth group
  • Juanita Limas gave Peace Corps presentations at a local high school, university, and at a local radio station
  • Riley Graebner and Vivian Nguyen present tech savvy ways to upgrade your Peace Corps Week presentation
  • Liz McEntee explains that presentations are easier than you think

Last updated Jan 22 2014

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