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Network with Returned Volunteers

No matter whether they’re sharing Peace Corps stories or discussing career paths, RPCVs love meeting other RPCVs! Find RPCVs and RPCV groups near you through the following resources:

The National Peace Corps Association

The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) is a nongovernmental nonprofit organization that connects and champions returned Peace Corps Volunteers and the Peace Corps community. Visit the NPCA website to learn more.

RPCV Groups

RPCV groups are as diverse as RPCVs themselves and are organized around the country by geography (e.g., RPCV-Madison), country of service (e.g., Friends of Morocco), workplace (e.g., State Department RPCVs), and areas of interest (e.g., Shalom Corps or LGBTQ RPCVs). You can find some of these groups in the National Peace Corps Association’s list of RPCV groups. You can also find groups by searching the Internet and various social media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook. Contact Peace Corps for information about how the Peace Corps supports RPCV groups.

Peace Corps RPCV Events

Update your contact information and you’ll receive updates from the Peace Corps about all sorts of Peace Corps-sponsored events where you can meet other returned Volunteers. 

You can also search our list of RPCV Career Events.

Last updated Dec 03 2015

RPCV Portal

Stay in the loop. Update your contact information and request service documents.


Connect with this non-profit that advocates for the Peace Corps community in bringing the world home.