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Wish you could be more involved in the Peace Corps now that your service is over? Interested in getting the latest news about RPCVs and Peace Corps programs? Need records or other information? Have a story you'd like to add to our website? Looking to network with fellow RPCVs?

You've come to the right place.

Here you'll find resources for continuing involvement with the Peace Corps—from administrative necessities such as keeping your records up-to-date, to more enjoyable opportunities such as finding RPCV groups in your area.

Update Your Records
Change your address, name, or other pertinent information so we know where to reach you.
Lillian Carter Award
The 2013 Lillian Carter Award
Franklin H. Williams Award
Read about Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who were selected as finalists for the Franklin H. Williams Award.
Submit a Story
Have a Peace Corps experience you'd like to share? Submit it to the Peace Corps Digital Library!
National Peace Corps Association
Learn about the National Peace Corps Association, a membership-based alumni organization that serves all returned Peace Corps Volunteers.
Request Records
Find out how to get copies of records related to your Peace Corps service.

Last updated Jan 22 2014

Returned Volunteer Groups

Join a returned Volunteer group and share your Peace Corps experience with others.

RPCV Career Link

(formerly Hotline)

An interactive board of employment and educational opportunities for returned Peace Corps Volunteers.
RPCV Career Link



Peace Corps Digital Library