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Returned Volunteer FAQs

Here you'll find resources for continuing involvement with the Peace Corps' from administrative necessities such as keeping your records up-to-date, to more enjoyable opportunities such as finding RPCV groups in your area. FAQs fall into the following four catagories:

Loose Ends | Staying Connected | Employment | Federal Employment

Loose Ends

  • How can I get assistance with student loan issues, taxes, a verification of my Peace Corps service, or a copy of my Description of Service (DOS)?

    For readjustment allowance questions; verification of Peace Corps service for an employer or college (verbal and/or written); copies of your Description of Service (DOS); income tax questions and W-2 forms; loan deferment, cancellation, and economic hardship certifications; and savings bonds, contact:

    Volunteer and PSC Financial Services
    855.855.1961, ext. 1770, or 202.692.1770

  • Where can I get assistance with Early Termination issues?

    For ET consultation/personal counseling, or if you wish to ET while in the United States on home leave or emergency leave, contact:

    Counseling and Outreach Unit
    855.855.1961, ext. 1470 or

  • Where can I get assistance with medical issues?

    If within the first six months of your COS you are having a particularly difficult time with your re-entry adjustment and feel you need a medical evaluation, contact the Office of Medical Services to discuss your situation with a medical professional.

    For general medical issues, contact the Office of Medical Services:

    Office of Medical Services
    855.855.1961, ext. 1500 or 202.692.1500

    Learn more about general RPCV health benefits.

    To obtain copies of your medical records, contact:

    Medical Records Department
    855.855.1961, ext. 1502 or 202.692.1502

    For medical billing/reimbursement, contact:

    Health Benefit Program

    For RPCVs with medical problems resulting from their Peace Corps service; requests for authorization of evaluation or further diagnostic work-up of service-related conditions; authorization for treatment after diagnosis of injury or illness incurred while a PCV; or other illness or disability issues related to your Peace Corps service, contact:

    Post Service Unit
    855.855.1961, ext. 1540 or 202.692.1540

    For Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) claims or re-entry difficulty, contact:

    Office of Medical Services
    855.855.1961, ext. 1500 or 202.692.1500.
    Additional information is available from the FECA Benefits page.

  • How can I change my address?

    Use our online form or send an e-mail to: rpcvupdate@peacecorps.gov

    You may also send your information via regular mail. Include your name, address, and country and years of service to:

    Peace Corps
    Office of Third Goal and Returned Volunteer Services
    1111 20th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20526

  • Is there literature available for family members of recent RPCVs that discusses transition issues?

    Peace Corps has a very helpful publication called "On the Homefront" (PDF), which was written specifically for the families of Volunteers. The handbook addresses issues of readjustment.

Last updated Jan 22 2014

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