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Noncompetitive Eligibility

RPCVs can receive temporary noncompetitive status for federal employment. This powerful tool allows qualified and eligible RPCVs to circumvent the competitive hiring process for employment at certain federal agencies.

Questions about NCE?
NCE Letter for Federal Employers (PDF)
Do you have NCE? Attach this letter to your federal application to explain your special status to federal employers.
Hire an RPCV with NCE
Are you a federal employer looking to hire candidates with international, cross-cultural, and project management experience? Do you want to shorten your hiring process? Find out more about how to hire returned Peace Corps Volunteers eligible for noncompetitive appointment.
Special Issue of Hotline: Federal Employment (PDF)
Read more about NCE and federal employment in the May 15th, 2011, special issue of Hotline.
Interested in working at Peace Corps? You can use your noncompetitive eligibility to apply for multiple agency jobs at once!

Last updated Jan 22 2014

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