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Volunteer and PSC Financial Services

Request Documentation of Your Service

There are many different types of Certifications of Service so please read the information below to determine which one(s) you will need to request. Please note that the following requests generally take 7-10 business days to process. Please only send your request once. Please be sure to read all of the information pertaining to your request provided below. We generally are only able to send verifications by mail or fax – not electronically.

In an effort to protect your private information, we do not include any portion of your Social Security number on your Description of Service or on the majority of these Certifications of Service. Complete the request form and email it to certify@peacecorps.gov and determine which verifications generally contain your Social Security number. If you or your HR Department need a portion of your Social Security number on your verification, please indicate that the SSN is needed on your request form.

  • Description of Service

    We highly encourage Volunteers to keep your signed original Description of Service in a safe place for your records. You may need it years later to provide proof of your training. Keep in mind that CFO/VPS can only provide a copy, not an original.

    If you have started working at a federal agency and need proof of your time as a Volunteer for leave accrual or retirement purposes, you will need to obtain a Certification of Service for retirement purposes - not a Description of Service. Please see the Certification of Service for Retirement section below for information.

    Before you request a Description of Service, please make sure that you recall writing one and having it signed by the Country Director. To request a copy of your Description of Service, complete the request form and email it to certify@peacecorps.gov.

  • Certification of Teaching

    Was your primary assignment serving as a teacher? Did you serve for 18 or more months? If so, complete the request form and email it to certify@peacecorps.gov.

  • Certification of Noncompetitive Eligibility (NCE)

    Did you receive noncompetitive eligibility? NCE status is generally referenced in the last paragraph of your Description of Service with a statement on the Executive Order 11103. You can also obtain verification of your NCE status with a Certification of Noncompetitive Eligibility. For information and frequently asked questions, visit NONCOMPETITIVE ELIGIBILITY.

    To request a NCE Certification, complete the request form and email it to certify@peacecorps.gov.

  • Certification of Peace Corps Health Care Coverage

    Do you need proof of Peace Corps health care coverage? Do you need to reinstate Medicare Part B? To obtain this Certification, please complete the request form and email it to certify@peacecorps.gov.

  • Certification for Partial Perkins Loan Cancellation

    Do you have a non-consolidated Perkins loan? You may be eligible for partial Perkins loan cancellation. See INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENT LOANS and STUDENT LOAN FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and contact your lender to see if and how you may qualify for this benefit.

    If your loan does qualify, complete the request form and email it to certify@peacecorps.govto obtain a Peace Corps Certification of eligibility for partial Perkins loan cancellation.

  • Certification of Service for Retirement

    Did you become a federal employee after your volunteer service? You may be eligible to "buy back" service credit towards retirement (federal, and some states if you are a teacher). Please complete the request form and email it to certify@peacecorps.gov to obtain a request form. You will need to submit this official Certification of your service to your HR department, who will work with OPM in order to buy back your service credit. For important details regarding this process, visit FEDERAL RETIREMENT.

  • Certification of Service for Employment Purposes

    Do you need an official verification of your volunteer service (dates and country of service) for a potential employer? This Certification does not contain your monthly readjustment allowance amount. To obtain this Certification of Service, complete the request form and email it to certify@peacecorps.gov.

  • Final Payment of your Monthly Readjustment Allowance

    It may take up to three to four weeks after your COS date to process your final payment. Have a question about your final payment of your monthly readjustment allowance? Contact the Financial Management Specialist for your country of service by calling 202-692-1770 and listening to the message to determine whose extension to contact.

  • Tax Questions/How to obtain a W-2

    Have a tax question? Need to obtain a copy of your W-2? We can help. To request a W-2, please email taxhelp@peacecorps.gov and provide your name, country and years of service, and your current mailing address. Currently serving Volunteers must provide written authorization, such as Power of Attorney or Privacy Act Waiver, before VPS can share W-2 or any other financial information with a third party.

Last updated Dec 03 2015