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Returned Volunteer FAQs

Here you'll find resources for continuing involvement with the Peace Corps' from administrative necessities such as keeping your records up-to-date, to more enjoyable opportunities such as finding RPCV groups in your area. FAQs fall into the following four catagories:

Loose Ends | Staying Connected | Employment | Federal Employment

Staying Connected

  • How can I find an RPCV?

    Due to privacy concerns, Peace Corps is not permitted to disclose personal contact information for RPCVs. However, there are a number of search resources available on the Web, including Yahoo! People Search and Google.

  • How can I locate the RPCV group nearest me?

    Contact the National Peace Corps Association via their website or call them at 202.293.7728.

  • How can I stay connected to the Peace Corps?

    There are many ways to stay connected. Visit our Stay Connected section or select from the following list:

  • How can I join the National Peace Corps Association?

    To join the NPCA, please visit their website. If you have any questions about NPCA, you may call them at 202.293.7728.

  • Can I submit stories about my service to Peace Corps publications?

    You may contact the Press Relations office at pressoffice@peacecorps.gov or call them at 202.692.2230 regarding submitting your stories for our publications.

  • Does Peace Corps sell memorabilia like T-shirts, stickers, patches, etc?

    The agency does not have Peace Corps memorabilia available. You may want to visit the NPCA's website to check out Peace Corps merchandise; you can also call them at 202.293.7728.

Last updated Jan 22 2014

RPCV Career Link

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An interactive board of employment and educational opportunities for returned Peace Corps Volunteers.
RPCV Career Link


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