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Hire an RPCV

RPCVs have demonstrated cross-cultural awareness, project management skills, resourcefulness, leadership, and a host of other qualities. Returned Volunteer Services has many different ways to tap into this qualified population. Find out how to bring an RPCV into your workplace today.

  • Benefits of hiring an RPCV

    The men and women who join the Peace Corps reflect the rich diversity of the United States. Today's Peace Corps is more vital than ever, working in emerging and essential areas such as information technology and business development. Peace Corps Volunteers continue to help countless individuals who want to build a better life for themselves, their children, and their communities. Qualifications for Peace Corps service are as expansive and varied as the pressing issues facing our world today. RPCVs are a valuable addition to your organization:

    • RPCVs have diverse backgrounds in fields such as education, business, environment, agriculture, and health.
    • RPCVs have varying degrees of experience, and therefore, are looking for entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level positions.
    • Most are bilingual; many are multilingual.
    • Many have advanced degrees.
    • RPCVs have experience living and working in developing countries, and have strong cross-cultural and interpersonal skills

  • For Federal Agencies: Hire with Noncompetitive Eligibility (NCE)

    Are you a federal agency? Bringing on an RPCV with noncompetitive eligibility can help you streamline your hiring process. Learn how to shorten your hiring time and tap into highly qualified individuals eligible for special hiring status!

    Below are more details on several methods you can use to leverage the noncompetitive eligibility of RPCVs and former Peace Corps staff, allowing you to fill vacancies faster and more efficiently. For comprehensive information about hiring with noncompetitive eligibility, download our NCE Guide for Federal Agencies (PDF).

    Be sure to post your NCE positions directly to Peace Corps status candidates through RPCV Career Link.

  • Advertise Your Position

    Returned Volunteer Services has many ways for employers to connect with returned Peace Corps Volunteers that have the skills and qualifications they seek. All of our resources are free to employers!

    • Post a job on RPCV Career Link

    • Participate in Career Events

      Our career events are an excellent way to meet RPCVs face-to-face. Learn more about attending a career event or conducting a targeted informational or hiring event by sending an email to rvsevents@peacecorps.gov.

      Visit our Calendar of Events webpage for information on upcoming career fairs.

    • Host an employer information session.

      This is a chance to bring RPCVs to your office for an hour to promote your missions and opportunities.

      Conversely, come to our RPCV Career Center as an employer-in-residence and conduct one-on-one informational interviews with pre-registered RPCVs interested in your organization.

    Tips for recruiting RPCVs:

    • When attending recruiting events, include RPCVs employed at your organization in your team.
    • Register early for our career fairs. There is no cost to participate and our limited space goes fast.
    • Submit job and internship announcements to our office regularly. Peace Corps Volunteers complete service and become available for paid positions throughout the entire year.
    • Take an active role in our career panels. It increases the visibility of your organization and awareness of the key topics guiding your company's mission.
    • Periodically update your primary contact information with us. Invitations for events are sent to addresses included in our employer database.
    • Sign up to be a rèsumè reviewer or a guest speaker at one of our future career conferences.
    • For more information on getting involved, send an email to rvsevents@peacecorps.gov.

  • Free Resources for Employers

Last updated Jan 22 2014

RPCV Career Link

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