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William & Mary Graduate School Kickstart Grant

College of William and Mary


April 15, 2013

School Location

Williamsburg, Virginia

Just over two hours south of Washington DC, The College of William and Mary is the second oldest institution of higher learning in the US. We take pride in building professionals who want to make meaningful contributions to society. That's why we are offering scholarships to Peace Corps alums: to help you make a difference.

About the Award

The W&M Grad School Kickstart Grant provides Peace Corps alumni the funds necessary to complete the first two of our MAcc prerequisite courses: Principles of Accounting and Financial Management. These two courses are the building blocks for our ONE YEAR degree in which we take accounting and non-accounting majors alike and get them ready for careers in the financial services industry.

What do accountants do? Not just taxes. Among many other endeavors, auditors:

  • Help worthy organizations thrive by identifying problem areas and offering solutions.
  • Act as financial stewards by helping hardworking boards invest wisely.
  • Ensure that every charitable donation is used well.

If this sounds like a career that you could love then consider applying to the Master of Accounting program at W&M. Non-accounting majors complete the program in ONE YEAR. All applicants will be considered for additional MERIT AID as well as a Kickstart Grant.

We offer an innovative curriculum and outstanding career services that start with orientation and continue through the year with the Veris CPA Trek -- our unique trip that introduces you to key policy makers and regulators in Washington DC – and our Winter Field Experience. You look for a job while you are in the program, not just after you graduate.

Questions? Call Martha Howard at 757-221-2875 today.


  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Willingness to learn new skills.
  • Honesty.
  • Enjoyment of team work.
  • Flexibility and a love of meeting new people.

Award Amount


Application Instructions

Go to http://mason.wm.edu/macc and click on APPLY NOW. Email the MAcc program at macc@mason.wm.edu and let them know you are responding to this ad and are a Peace Corps alumnus.

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