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Public and Nonprofit MBA

Boston University School of Management

School Location

Boston, Massachusetts

About the Award

Whether you plan to work in the nonprofit, public, or private sector, the Public and Nonprofit MBA Program offers the opportunity to learn and apply rigorous business fundamentals in the service of positive social change.  Our students develop strong management skills to address society's most urgent challenges.


All members or alumni of the Peace Corps are eligibile for an application fee waiver.  All applicants are also automatically considered for merit-based scholarships.

For more information on the admission process, please visit http://management.bu.edu/graduate/graduate-programs/full-time/pnp/.


Award Amount

Application fee waiver; considered for merit-based scholarships

Application Instructions

For more information and to apply, email mba@bu.edu; phone: 617.353.2670; website: http://management.bu.edu/graduate/graduate-programs/full-time/pnp/.

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