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Health Benefits

The Peace Corps offers a three-tiered program for returned Volunteers that covers routine medical care after service, evaluation of service-related conditions, and treatment of service-related illnesses and injuries.

This section of the website is adapted from the Post-Service Health Benefits Guide, a handbook for returned Volunteers. For the purposes of this handbook, the term "Volunteer" includes Peace Corps, United Nations and Peace Corps Response Volunteers and Trainees.

At a Glance
An overview of all post-service health programs
An affordable, private, comprehensive health insurance policy designed specifically for returned Volunteers.
Medical and Dental Evaluations
Learn how to receive medical and dental evaluation of service-related conditions within six months after your Volunteer service ends.
Post-Service Health Benefits Guide
Download the entire Post-Service Health Benefits Guide handbook, available as a PDF.
If your health care provider determines you need treatment for a service-related condition, you may be eligible for benefits under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act.

Last updated Jan 22 2014

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An interactive board of employment and educational opportunities for returned Peace Corps Volunteers.
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