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Scenic images from the field

After Peace Corps

Returned Volunteers use the skills and experiences they gained overseas to enhance virtually every sector of our society - Congress, the Executive Branch, the Foreign Service, business, finance, trade, health care, and social services.

Today over 220,000 returned Volunteers can be found in every walk of life, and many say their Peace Corps service had a profound impact on their careers. Former Volunteers possess a high level of confidence, independent judgment, and cross-cultural resourcefulness that are recognized by employers in all professions.

Visit the web section for returned Volunteers and get resources for transitioning home, jobs, graduate school, volunteer opportunities, and telling your story.

Last updated Dec 03 2015

Emergency 24-hour
telephone number

855.855.1961, ext. 1470
or 202.692.1470

This line is staffed by the Peace Corps Counseling and Outreach Unit (COU) and they can:

  • notify a Volunteer of an emergency (e.g. critical illness or death of a family member)
  • respond to family questions about a Volunteer's status
  • supply an update about civil unrest or a natural disaster in the host country
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