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Scenic images from the field

Web Banners

Support the cause of world peace and friendship on your blog, website or social networking site and help recruit the next generation of Peace Corps Volunteers. Simply click on the thumbnail images to preview the banner animation and download the files.

Examples of banners on a website, social networking site, and blog.

Thank you for supporting the Peace Corps!

Note: you are viewing a subset of the available banners. To view all available banners, please download and install Adobe Flash and enable Javascript in your browser..



Last updated Nov 20 2013

Guidelines for Use

PSA web banners are intended to promote general awareness and recruitment for the Peace Corps. Web banners must link to the Peace Corps website and may not be altered in any way. Use of the Peace Corps name and emblem (logo) is restricted exclusively to designate programs authorized under the Peace Corps Act. The use of a web banner does not constitute authorization to use the Peace Corps name and logo separate and apart from the banner.

Peace Corps reserves the right to have our PSAs removed if we deem the content within which they are placed is violent, obscene, profane, hateful, racist, or inappropriate.

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