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Scenic images from the field


The following resources are available for use by the media as background for stories about Peace Corps. Please note and abide by the terms of use in each section.


The Peace Corps hosts an extensive collection of current and historical images on our Flickr site and in the Peace Corps Media Library. Please note that all photos are property of the Peace Corps, but may be used royalty free. We request that the Peace Corps be listed as the source for any photographs. Below are some of our most popular Flickr collections.


The Peace Corps' YouTube channel provides a look into the world of Peace Corps Volunteers. The channel also provides a visual glimpse into the history of the agency and its founders. Below are some of our most popular YouTube playlists.


The Peace Corps name and logo may be used only to designate programs authorized under the Peace Corps Act. The Peace Corps logo may not be altered or manipulated in any manner. Also, the Peace Corps name and logo may not be used by third parties for commercial or fundraising purposes, or for endorsement or promotion of such third parties or their respective goods or services.

  • Guidelines

    • You may not create any identity that incorporates the Peace Corps logo in any way.
    • Educational institutions within the Master's International program and Paul D. Coverdell Fellows program should refer to guidance provided by their MI and Paul D. Coverdell points of contact.
  • Additional Resources

    • Web Banners: Peace Corps produced web banners may be used on websites and social media sites and are available for download here. The web banners are intended to promote general awareness and recruitment for the Peace Corps. Web banners must link to the Peace Corps website and may not be altered in any way. Please note that use of our web banners does not mean authorization to use the Peace Corps name and logo.
    • Photos: Peace Corps photos are available for download on our Flickr site. Please select the photo you would like to use and credit Peace Corps. Please note that use of our photos does not mean authorization to use the Peace Corps name and logo.
    • For more information about the Peace Corps name and logo please send a detailed email to design@peacecorps.gov .


Last updated Feb 04 2014

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