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Keeping the Peace

Mizzou News, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri 

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton knows well the benefits of serving in the Peace Corps. Deaton is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, having served as a vocational agricultural educator in northern Thailand 1962–64.

“It leads you to be stronger in whatever you are doing and leads you to approach the rest of your life with an incredible vigor to bring about change,” Deaton says. “It has enabled me to bring to my role as chancellor a real commitment to international work and to carry that mission forward.”

A new Peace Corps Prep Program at Mizzou is evidence of that mission moving forward. The program will be a component of an undergraduate curriculum consisting of experience-based community service and selected courses designed to help prepare students for volunteer service in international development, potentially with the Peace Corps.

Deaton signed an agreement with the Peace Corps establishing the program during a kickoff event Sept. 25 at MU’s Reynolds Alumni Center.

“This is a great celebration for Mizzou,” Deaton says. “The Peace Corps gives us the opportunity to learn about the world in a new way. It allows us to see ourselves and our nation in a new way. It’s a wonderful time for reflecting and for gaining knowledge in ways that you cannot otherwise gain that knowledge.”

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