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Naperville high school classmates bring Peace Corps experiences back to Chicagoland

Chicago Tribune, Naperville, Illinois

As projects take hold and community members gain skills, Peace Corps Volunteers can see the difference they make in their communities overseas. But sometimes, a Volunteer’s service touches someone a bit closer to home.

That was the case for Naperville native Kevin Wandolowski, who served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala from 2010 to 2012. His commitment inspired his friend and Naperville Central High School classmate Nora Heneghan to serve in the Peace Corps as well. Now, both volunteers have returned home and are using their skills and experiences to make a difference in Chicagoland.

“When you learn another language and immerse yourself in another culture, you gain another set of ears and eyes to experience the world with,” Heneghan, 26, said. “I had never left the United States prior to joining Peace Corps. The entire experience changed the way I view travel, culture, and life.”

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