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Boomers & Beyond: Not retirement but "re-wirement"

KJCT 8 , Grand Junction, Colorado

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Some people celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with corned beef and cabbage.  These two baby boomers leave Grand Junction for 27 months in Albania!

As I chatted with Medical Drs. Susan and Paul Oupadia, it became clear why they were ready to join the Peace Corps.  It all started years back with Susan’s trip to Nepal.

“That’s where we met," explained Paul.  "A long story short, I came to the States.  She went her way, I went mine.  And we reconnected.  She was in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I was in Grand Junction.  And she came to join me here and we’ve been married for almost ten years now.”

Reconnecting, marriage and medical practices made time pass quickly and then, an idea.

“We decided to retire from the active practice of medicine.  Maybe ‘rewire’ is a better word than retire," Susan clarified.  "And, we’re going off to spend twenty seven months in Albania in the Peace Corps.”

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